Wodden Aiplay Speaker with Alpair 10 MAOP and Hifimediy T2


I finally found some time to finish another project. I had the chance to get the MAOP version of the Markaudio Alpair 10 speakers (Thanks Mark). The MAOP version of the Alpair 10 speakers have a modified cone compaired to the original version of the Alpair 10. You can find more information on this on diyaudio.com Alpair MAOP and a datasheet in the pictures below.

As an amplifier I used the Hifimediy T2 again. The only modifications to this amp is an alps “blue velvet” volume pot. The amplifier is powered by a Meanwell NES 350W power supply. Since the amp got a little bit to hot for my taste in my last box, I have mounted a silent fan on the backplate for the connectors. A selector switch for the input sources has also been added. Wireless music over Airplay is realized with an built-in Apple AirPort Express. There is a charging function for USB devices as well.

Amplifier and chassis have played for about 50 hours until today. So I can’t have any final words on sound quality yet. So far I am very pleased.

As a template for the speaker itself, I oriented myself on the construction plan of Erich Hartmann (Erich’s Hartmann’s bookshelf box). The placement of the chassis are not as ideal as in Erich’s plan since they are not fully centered. The vents are on the backside, as opposed to Erich’s plan. The box is seperated into three chambers.  Each speaker chambers is about 14.5 litres and the walls are damped with acoustic foam. In contrast to my previous boxes this box has a curved front. In this way I hope for a better angle of dispersion for stereo sound. The veneer used on this box is bubinga rosewood which looks a little bit like red wine.

I hope you can enjoy the following pictures. I would appreciate questions and suggestions for furture builds.

Sorry for the bad video quality:

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Wodden iDevice Speaker Class D + Alpair 7 & Airplay

Due to several reasons it has been quiet a while since my last project . But I kept on thinking how my next box should look like.

I changed a couple of technical details and tried the Markaudio Alpair 7 speakers. One of the biggest changes is the abscence of a real dock connector. One factor for this is the strong rumor that Apple will introduce a smaller dock connector with the next generation of their iDevices.

This isn’t a real drawback for me since I integrated Airplay for the first time. This enables the wireless playback of my music. The back of the new box also features a USB port for charging and an audio jack which even allows to connect a broader variety of devices.

From a design point of view I have chosen a so called “Fantasma burl” veneer which gives it a kind of crazy look. I tried to get all other comonents in black color. The size of the box is 25 cm x 25 cm x 50 cm.

For the amplifying part I have used the combination of the Meanwell NES 350W and the Hifimediy T2 with an Alps “blue velvet” pot. This in cooperation with the Alpair 7 speakers sounds really nice. A bass port for each speaker is used and the box was seperated into three chambers again. The two speaker chambers are sealed with sealing tape. For ventilation purposes and an easier possibility to add all connectors a CNC backpanel was designed and ordered.

Enjoy the pics and the video and feel free to ask any questions. I would appreciate suggestion for furture builds and improvements. Thank you.


Box in action:

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A little Making Of

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iPod / iPhone Speaker Dock mahagoni Class D + CHR-70

I have made another one ; )

I wanted to try the Markaudio CHR-70 since they are a real bargain. The sound is as good as expected. The CHR-70 have played for about 30 hours, so they are not run in yet. Mahagoni veneer is much more difficult to handle than ebony. I had quite a hard time.

I decided to use a three chamber design again. Each speaker and the electronic stuff has its own chamber. The CHR-70 from Markaudio have a 4 litre volume each. The three chambers are seald with rubber seal. I have drilled a ventilation hole for power supplies and amplifier.

The ampliefier is a TA2020 which I had laying around. It is not as good as the Hifimediy T2 but it is good enough for a speaker dock.

This dock is not as huge as the last one. The dimension are 20cm x 20cm x 40cm.

Enjoy the pics and the video and feel free to ask any questions.

Box in action:

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