A little Making Of

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  1. DougC says:

    Beautiful work! I have my own veneer company and am impressed with your creativity and use of veneers. How do you press – vacuum? I haven’t worked with speakers or with components but would like to learn more so I could build a ‘d like to learn more about this subject. We splice and cut veneer to size for furniture and kitchen cabinets – we also do special thickness veneers in 1.5mm for interior door applications. I think a strip of Walnut between Maple pieces would look cool. Look forward to seeing more pics and getting a better understanding of your process.

    • admin says:

      Hi Doug

      Thanks for your comment. My veneering process is not that sophisticated. I apply a layer of wood glue on wood and veneer and let it dry for a couple of minutes. Afterwards i use a pressing iron at low temparature and apply the veneer on the wood. The exessive pieces are removed with sandpaper 😉 I will try your suggestion with a strip of walnut and maple, but I am not sure if my veneering skills will be ready for this. Maybe you have a hint on how this can be done. Do you have a link to your companies website?


  2. EricT says:

    I am just at awe at your amazing work!! All your projects are clean, streamline and put simply freakin awesome!!! I am trying to create my own speaker/ ipod dock, and I just wanted to thank you so much or putting this site together to help noobs like me with these projects. I was wondering if you could show me pictures of your wiring, or all the “electrical” components and how you connect it to each other? Kind of like a wiring diagram? Like your projects, I wanted it to have the ability to charge ipod/phone products and maybe able to do AirPlay. So I figured this version of your speaker projects closely matches what I was trying to accomplishing.

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