Wodden iDevice Speaker Class D + Alpair 7 & Airplay

Due to several reasons it has been quiet a while since my last project . But I kept on thinking how my next box should look like.

I changed a couple of technical details and tried the Markaudio Alpair 7 speakers. One of the biggest changes is the abscence of a real dock connector. One factor for this is the strong rumor that Apple will introduce a smaller dock connector with the next generation of their iDevices.

This isn’t a real drawback for me since I integrated Airplay for the first time. This enables the wireless playback of my music. The back of the new box also features a USB port for charging and an audio jack which even allows to connect a broader variety of devices.

From a design point of view I have chosen a so called “Fantasma burl” veneer which gives it a kind of crazy look. I tried to get all other comonents in black color. The size of the box is 25 cm x 25 cm x 50 cm.

For the amplifying part I have used the combination of the Meanwell NES 350W and the Hifimediy T2 with an Alps “blue velvet” pot. This in cooperation with the Alpair 7 speakers sounds really nice. A bass port for each speaker is used and the box was seperated into three chambers again. The two speaker chambers are sealed with sealing tape. For ventilation purposes and an easier possibility to add all connectors a CNC backpanel was designed and ordered.

Enjoy the pics and the video and feel free to ask any questions. I would appreciate suggestion for furture builds and improvements. Thank you.


Box in action:

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8 Responses to Wodden iDevice Speaker Class D + Alpair 7 & Airplay

  1. Lennard says:


    Can you tell us how you integrated airplay? You also mention an extra input on the back but I see no switch. How do you choose between airplay and the auxilairy input on the back? What device do you use for the USB charger?

    Keep up the good work! I like your projects and it has inspired me to build one myself!



    • admin says:

      Hi Lennard

      The integration of Airplay has not been very difficult. I used a cheap trick and built an Apple Airport Express wifi router into this box. It is easy to install and easy to use. I did not integrate a channel selector into this box but will do it for my next project. You just have to decied whether you would like to playback music over Airplay or over aux. The USB charger is a second cheap trick. It is just an Apple iPhone USB charger. I would be happy if you could provide me with some pics from your project.



  2. Francisco says:

    first of all great work, you are a legend, i already showed your work to all my friends.
    Now i want to build one too but haven’t got much knowledge about all the parts needed so your help would be appreciated.
    I have the wood, 2 full range drivers 4 ohm (“HiEND 4inch” search on ebay.uk) and an 2*15w class D amp (TA2024 D-class Audio Amplifier Board).
    Could you tell if the amp is the wrong one ( i’ll buy another one) and as I could understand you used Meanwell NES 350 350W ( that is a power source for the amp and the dock ?).
    So literally I am lost, don’t know anything.
    How do you add more then one input to the amp and the volume, treble and bass?
    I need help on my first build the might be easier.
    Thanks for your help

  3. Francisco says:

    fantastic work, thanks for sharing.

    I am attempting something like this but cant find answers to my questions, if you could help.

    I have this “2*15 watt @ 4ohm, TA2024 D-class” and want to add an ipod dock, bluetooth and and a 3.5 jack but only see to inputs on the board???

    And also doesn’t have a volume control, is it possible to add one.

    Thanks for your time, please answer, please.

  4. Francisco says:

    Thanks for your reply.
    As for the amp, this is the one

    But i might buy another one for my first build, don’t want to mess arround with soldering.
    Probably a TA2020 like you used

    As this one has the connections i need and i just take it apart, or do you have other recommendations?
    As for inputs i’ll stick to one 3.5 jack and Bluetooth (the one you indicate me is perfect) and also usb charger.
    My main goal is to achieve a design as good as yours and the only thing missing now is to calculate the enclosure volume for my drivers but that i cant figure out.

    Thanks once again for your time.

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