iPod / iPhone Speaker Dock mahagoni Class D + CHR-70

I have made another one ; )

I wanted to try the Markaudio CHR-70 since they are a real bargain. The sound is as good as expected. The CHR-70 have played for about 30 hours, so they are not run in yet. Mahagoni veneer is much more difficult to handle than ebony. I had quite a hard time.

I decided to use a three chamber design again. Each speaker and the electronic stuff has its own chamber. The CHR-70 from Markaudio have a 4 litre volume each. The three chambers are seald with rubber seal. I have drilled a ventilation hole for power supplies and amplifier.

The ampliefier is a TA2020 which I had laying around. It is not as good as the Hifimediy T2 but it is good enough for a speaker dock.

This dock is not as huge as the last one. The dimension are 20cm x 20cm x 40cm.

Enjoy the pics and the video and feel free to ask any questions.

Box in action:

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12 Responses to iPod / iPhone Speaker Dock mahagoni Class D + CHR-70

  1. Nicola Dempster says:


    I’d like to ask you about making one of these….can you email me on nicola-taylorjohnson@hotmail.com please?

    Kindest regards


  2. Albert says:

    Hi, Im currently making an ipod dock, and Im trying to decide between Tang Band W5-1661SA and Markaudio CHR70. Since you seem to have used both of them in your docks, wich one do you prefer and why? I’ll be having 4-5 liter volumes on each enclosure. Im particularry interested on the low end performance. Thanks in advance!

    btw. excellent job with the docks!

  3. John says:

    Your work is very impressive. I’m trying to build something similar, can you answer a couple of questions? How did you reroute the volume and power knobs from the amp to the case? What about the power plug?

    In German?:
    Wie haben Sie umleiten das Volumen und die Kraft-Regler aus dem TA2020 der Fall?

  4. Aksel says:


    This is such a beautiful boombox! I’m wondering do you sell theese boomboxes? And if you do, how much does it cost?

    – Aksel

    • admin says:

      Hey Aksel,

      Thanks for your compliment. I am not selling those boxes since I spend about 50 hours on one. Nobody would like to pay a fair amount of money for this. Sadly I do not have the time and no shop to work on more boxes right now. This will hopefully change in 2012.


  5. Casey Nuckolls says:

    I am curious about the Ipod dock and interface, i have a similar project and didn’t know how to break out the signal from the ipod. Any help would be appreciated!

    i am using an american made amp by classdaudio.com

  6. Helseth says:

    Hi, where did you buy the speakerfeet that you are using? Great work!

  7. Miro says:

    wunderbare Arbeit – war auf der Suche nach Selbstbaudocks und deine entsprechen wirklich genau dem was ich mir vorgestellt habe !

    werde demnächst was ähnliches bauen und kann auch bei Interesse gerne Bilder zukommen lassen.


    • Kai says:

      Hi JulienSorry for the late reply and thanks for your msagese.Regarding your questions:- The speaker sound fantastic after a playing time around 300 hours by now.- I think that the latest box is a little bit better compared to the ones befor because it has a better bass performance.- The CHR-70s are good speakers. I am planning to build surround boxes with them.- The TA2020 sounds very good. The build quality is not as good as the amps from Hifimediy- I dont think that a wooden frame is necessary as long as you use wood which is thick enough. I would not recommend it any more (Part of my own learning process )My wood skills are no where near as good as you, but I am learning by trial and error.I have done alot trail and error too Just come back to me if you have more questions.I wish you good luck with your first build and I am looking forward to see some pictures.Cheers

  8. John Keshecki says:


    I’m looking into making an ipod dock. Yours are really good, great work. Do you think I could email you some questions? My email is keshecki1@yahoo.com. I would like to ask a few questions about the components if you don’t mind helping me out.

    Thank you,

    John Keshecki

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