Large iPhone Speaker Dock with Tangband W5-1611 and Hifimediy T2

I just finished my latest iPhone speaker dock. This one has  better bass than the last one. As amplifier I used the Hifimediy T2 ( powered by the Meanwell SP-320-27. The Tangband W5-1611 has a better bass performance compared to the Fostex FE126en. I decided to use a bass port for each speaker and seperated the box into three chambers. The two speaker chambers are sealed with sealing tape. I added four ventilation slots for the middle chamber with the power supplies and the amplifier. I would appreciate some comments.

Dimensions: 25 cm x 50 cm x 25 cm

Box playing:

Sealing tape at work:

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15 Responses to Large iPhone Speaker Dock with Tangband W5-1611 and Hifimediy T2

  1. Michael says:


    This is a very nice project indeed. Actually this is exactly what i am trying to do now. I have a question though. I see you connect your iphone through the docking connector and not the 3.5 minijack audio out. How does that work ? How does your amp get the audio signal through the dock connector? I see you connect the usb end of the cable to a device but i cant understand what that is.

    Keep Up.

    • admin says:

      Hi Michael,

      it ist pretty easy. I use a docking station with a dock connector and a 3,5 jack. The device you have mentioned is a usb charger. The dock connetor goes into the usb charger and the 3,5 jack goes into the amplifier. I took on of those simple docking stations apart ebay dock an built it into the box.

      Please feel free to ask any questions.



  2. Michael says:

    Hi Alex.

    Thanks for the reply.

    Yes, it is clear now. I was wondering how to stabilize iphone on the chassis but that dock at ebay solves the problem. Plus there is no need to put a mC to do all the dirty work in order to get audio out of the dock port. Nice.

    Thanks for the info. I ll let you know if any other question pops on the way.


  3. Andre Strand says:

    Hi Alex

    I must admitt that I admire your work. Very nice details, and good craftmanship.
    I’m about to start a 3 way speaker project. They will be made of MDF and coated/dressed with Veneer. I have googled, ebayed and called around to find me a veneer that have the look yours have, but with no luck. Is it the picture that makes it black and white, cause I can only find black and yellow.

    Could you please tell me where to find/buy this veneer (the makassar)

    Best regards

    Andre from Norway

    • admin says:

      Hi Andre;

      Thanks for your appreciation. My source for veneer is They have makassar veneer which is called SaRaiFo (Save the Rain Forest). They do have the Black and white one. The veneer you are looking for is called: Macassar Ebony YW. You can switch their website into english language.

      Sorry for the late reply!

      Cheers from Germany ; )


  4. REKER says:

    Wow, great build. Do you have a build sheet for this? Id like to make something similar.

  5. Chris DLP says:

    Hi Alex,

    I am a big fan of your projects and would like to take a stab at building one. I am a woodworker so building the box would not be a big deal but I am not very experience when it comes to electronic components. I was reviewing the pics that you posted along with the parts mentioned and here’s the parts list that I came up with. Is there anything that I am missing on this list. Obviously not counting the tools and the wood.

    Amp: Hifimediy T2
    Power Supply: Meanwell SP-320-27
    Speakers: Tangband W5-161
    Ipod cable
    Ipod Dockingstation
    Port Tube
    Speaker Wires (gauge?)

    Greatly appreciate any feedback. Keep up the great work!

    Thank you,
    Chris DLP

    • admin says:

      Hi Chris,

      thanks for the compliment. You will be much quicker with the woodwork. Thata part consumes most of the time. You basically mentioned all electronic parts needed. The only thing you missed is a USB charger. You might also need some resitors in case the LED ist to bright for your taste. Don’t forget that you will need electric leads for the inner cabeling as well. I don’t remember the gauge I picked. Don’t use to small ones. There should be some calculators around for that purpose.

      Fell free to ask any questions.



      • Rajwanti says:

        Fantastic. I have been thinking about doing somtehing similar, and now I am inspired to start. I like the progression of boxes and internal components on your blog.A few questions if I may; (edit.. a lot of questions, sorry)How does the latest one sound now after the speakers have run in?How much better does the latest one compare to the first two?I am in New Zealand, so getting the right parts shipped over here at a reasonable cost means that I will compromise on whatever substitutes I can find locally. The good news is that I can get hold of the MarkAudio speakers, though they do cost NZ$135 for the CHR-70s. (US$111) I cant find any other full-range speakers in NZ at a reasonable cost.I may start with a simple / cheap power supply and amp to start with in an MDF box.How did the TA2020 sound? I can buy TA2024 amps locally at a reasonable cost, so I may give that a go. Amusingly enough, the correct power supply costs more than the amp! I built a TA2024 amp in an old cigar box that I use to test my DIY speaker build.I see you used a wooden frame (pine?) with plywood for the first one. Would you recommend that? Did you brace the plywood? How thick was the plywood?My wood skills are no where near as good as you, but I am learning by trial and error.They all look fantastic.

  6. Samuel says:

    Hey Alex,

    I am amazed by your system. I just have one question I cannot find a usb charger like that any where!! Where did you purchase it?


  7. Chris DLP says:

    Hi Alex,

    Thank you again for responding to my queries. I do have one more question. How are you getting power to your USB charger? I’m assuming the Meanwell SP-320-27 power supply is what’s powering it (USB Charger) but I can’t figure out how you have it connected. Would you care to walk me through it? Again, your help is greatly appreciated. Hopefully I get to show you my finished box one of these days. I am building a couple of them. One made out of solid Zebra wood and the other is solid Curly Maple.

    Kindest Regards,
    Chris DLP

  8. Tim says:

    would love to know where you buy your speakers and amplifiers. Do you have a German source or do you order straight from China.

  9. Benedikt Sanftl says:


    ich finde deine Seite sehr interessant. Welchen USB Charger verwendest du? Ist dieser von der Stromversorgung betrieben?

    Vielen Dank,


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