Wodden Aiplay Speaker with Alpair 10 MAOP and Hifimediy T2


I finally found some time to finish another project. I had the chance to get the MAOP version of the Markaudio Alpair 10 speakers (Thanks Mark). The MAOP version of the Alpair 10 speakers have a modified cone compaired to the original version of the Alpair 10. You can find more information on this on diyaudio.com Alpair MAOP and a datasheet in the pictures below.

As an amplifier I used the Hifimediy T2 again. The only modifications to this amp is an alps “blue velvet” volume pot. The amplifier is powered by a Meanwell NES 350W power supply. Since the amp got a little bit to hot for my taste in my last box, I have mounted a silent fan on the backplate for the connectors. A selector switch for the input sources has also been added. Wireless music over Airplay is realized with an built-in Apple AirPort Express. There is a charging function for USB devices as well.

Amplifier and chassis have played for about 50 hours until today. So I can’t have any final words on sound quality yet. So far I am very pleased.

As a template for the speaker itself, I oriented myself on the construction plan of Erich Hartmann (Erich’s Hartmann’s bookshelf box). The placement of the chassis are not as ideal as in Erich’s plan since they are not fully centered. The vents are on the backside, as opposed to Erich’s plan. The box is seperated into three chambers.  Each speaker chambers is about 14.5 litres and the walls are damped with acoustic foam. In contrast to my previous boxes this box has a curved front. In this way I hope for a better angle of dispersion for stereo sound. The veneer used on this box is bubinga rosewood which looks a little bit like red wine.

I hope you can enjoy the following pictures. I would appreciate questions and suggestions for furture builds.

Sorry for the bad video quality:

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12 Responses to Wodden Aiplay Speaker with Alpair 10 MAOP and Hifimediy T2

  1. Julien says:

    Fantastic. I have been thinking about doing something similar, and now I am inspired to start. I like the progression of boxes and internal components on your blog.

    A few questions if I may; (edit.. a lot of questions, sorry)
    How does the latest one sound now after the speakers have run in?
    How much better does the latest one compare to the first two?
    I am in New Zealand, so getting the right parts shipped over here at a reasonable cost means that I will compromise on whatever substitutes I can find locally. The good news is that I can get hold of the MarkAudio speakers, though they do cost NZ$135 for the CHR-70s. (US$111) I cant find any other full-range speakers in NZ at a reasonable cost.

    I may start with a simple / cheap power supply and amp to start with in an MDF box.
    How did the TA2020 sound? I can buy TA2024 amps locally at a reasonable cost, so I may give that a go. Amusingly enough, the correct power supply costs more than the amp! I built a TA2024 amp in an old cigar box that I use to test my DIY speaker build.

    I see you used a wooden frame (pine?) with plywood for the first one. Would you recommend that? Did you brace the plywood? How thick was the plywood?

    My wood skills are no where near as good as you, but I am learning by trial and error.
    They all look fantastic.

    • admin says:

      Hi Julien

      Sorry for the late reply and thanks for your message.

      Regarding your questions:

      – The speaker sound fantastic after a playing time around 300 hours by now.
      – I think that the latest box is a little bit better compared to the ones befor because it has a better bass performance.
      – The CHR-70s are good speakers. I am planning to build surround boxes with them.
      – The TA2020 sounds very good. The build quality is not as good as the amps from Hifimediy
      – I dont think that a wooden frame is necessary as long as you use wood which is thick enough. I would not recommend it any more (Part of my own learning process ;-))

      My wood skills are no where near as good as you, but I am learning by trial and error.

      I have done alot trail and error too 😉

      Just come back to me if you have more questions.

      I wish you good luck with your first build and I am looking forward to see some pictures.


  2. Julien says:

    Thanks for the answers. I have some CHR-70s on the way to me and I found a better amp and power supply with free shipping to NZ on ebay. Very cool. The shipping may take a few weeks, but I am very excited.

    Another few questions if I may; Did you veneer? If so, how hard was that and how did you do it. What veneer did you use? And glue? Did you veneer after you cut the holes? I presume so, so how did you cut the holes in the veneer and make a decent edge?

    I may blog my experiences. Looks like fun and it will slow me down a little and make sure I take the necessary care 🙂

    • admin says:

      Hi Julien

      Veneering is not hard but it takes some time. I use wood glue. You can apply a thin layer on the wood and the veneer. Then you have to let that dry for a couple of minutes. Afterwards you can use a pressing iron at low temperature to fix the veneer on the wood. I cut the big holes in the wood before veneering and the small ones afterwards. I do not cut holes into the veneer before appling it on the wood. It is much easier and more acurate to do that later. I often use a Dremel to cut the holes into the veneer. The surplus veneer which overlaps can be removed with sanding paper. Your veneer sheet should alway be a bit larger than the wood you want to veneer.
      By the way, what amp did you choose?


  3. Julien says:

    Thanks for the reply. I have been so excited with my new found hobby that I have found myself split between a number of projects. I am torn now between a number of options on how to use the CHR-70s.

    A glorified iPod Docking station similar to the ones you have built, or a standalone pensil design with the CHR-70 Full range speakers on their own, or a F.A.S.T. pair of speakers suplementing the full range with powered woofers.

    Decisions, decisions.

    The amp I chose was a TA2024 with a switching power supply.:

    The amp is good and I like the sound. For fun I put a cheap valve preamp in front of it just to see what it sounded like and I was amazed. The quality improved, at least to my ears, significantly. The mid range especially sounds so smooth and laid-back. The full set up is currently sitting in a shoe box! LOL I need to think about whether to keep it together and put it in an enclosure or not.

    And yet another project – I ordered a Hifimediy T4 amp and the associated power supply. Its just arrived and I have not plugged it together yet.

    So lets see what decisions I make over the weekend. Which project to work on now?

  4. Julien says:

    Oh – and I forgot to say, I have 2.5m of Walnut vaneer in the post the other day too!

  5. Rick says:


    I am building almost the same speakerbox with chp-70 speakers in about 6 liters per site. Did you use any filtering and why did you placed the BR ports at the backside?
    I will send you a picture, it’s a project for my son who is going to life on his one and it’s going to look like a dasboard of a Bentley continental with leather, veneer and logo.

    I am very interested in how you build it.

    Greetings Rick

  6. John says:

    Love your boombox.. very nice job.. one question, how did you make that plate on the back that has the wall plug and cutout for fan?

  7. Julien says:

    Its all gone quiet? What have you been up to?

  8. Shawn says:

    I am interested in some more info on the wiring for this project. Any chance you can send me an email so we can correspond? I don’t know a ton about wiring and I would like to build something similar for my wife for Christmas.

    Thank you.

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  10. Jürgen says:


    hast Du evtl. eine komplette Teileliste für Deine AirPlay Box? Ich habe nämlich
    Interesse Deine Box nachzubauen. Diese sieht nämlich echt gut aus.



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